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Candene Technology Services provides exchange, with immediate execution, brokerage services and trading technology. Our network is designed specifically for institutional investors and features internal orders matching and liquidity aggregation. Candene Technology Services offers a pool of liquidity streams from a wide array of liquidity providers, which can be tailored to suit different needs.

About Us

CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES is one of the world’s leading liquidity provider in the world.

Who We Are?

Since our launch, CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES has worked relentlessly to develop our own sophisticated trading technology based on an exchange like, with immediate execution.We believe in being transparent and trustworthy, working together with our clients and partners, giving them all the necessary tools and support to help their business grow.

CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES taps the culture of innovation and investment in revolutionary next generation technology which is represented by internally developed matching engine trading systems which is already used by various institutions around the world. Our clients benefit from the wealth of expertise and cost efficiency gained from having connections with a vast network of global market specialists.

Our revenue is obtained from execution fees and specific operational services provided to our clients. CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES does not invest with its own capital or with third party capital. The lack of speculative operations by the CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES gives the clients the following – preventing competition among the broker and its clients for execution of orders and preventing broker bankruptcy risk caused by a sequence of unsuccessful transactions.


Having presence around the world, CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES taps the culture of innovation and investment in revolutionary next generation technology which is represented by internally developed matching engine trading systems.


Our revolutionary trading venue is a new generation of transparent, distributed and independent cryptocurrency market where crypto brokers can share liquidity and experience immediate execution.


Having presence around the world, CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES taps the culture of innovation and investment in revolutionary next generation technology which is represented by internally developed matching engine trading systems.

Our Clients

Our clients are always our priority

CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES provides products and services for all types of institutional clients over the world.

Brokers can connect to CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES via multiple trading platforms. We understand that established Banks and Brokers may already have their own liquidity sources, therefore CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES works with our clients to compliment and enhancing their pricing, adding new products, and increasing market capitalization, optimizing execution and revenue.

CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES provides partners with a full suite of trading solutions. From sophisticated back-end office to risk management solutions. We allow brokers to manage their own risk exposure more effectively and increase profitability.

Our Technology

Revolutionary Next Generation Technology

CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES offers a full suite of tools to brokers and financial institutions. We have a solution for everyone.


Trade Routing Engine connects the Trade System to external sources of liquidity such as banks, large brokers, hedge funds, private equity etc. In order to connect Trade System with external sources of liquidity we created a routing engine. This component handles communication via a protocol and allows to dynamically change the hedging parameters. We are already integrated with various institutions, which can provide liquidity to the system. Our Risk and Routing Engine can collectively serve as a smart liquidity aggregator that can be easily managed, configured and customized.


Our matching engine represents each trader’s order in the interbank to match with the best liquidity available. CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES has access to several superior liquidity sources that are not available to the public market. High performance matching engine tightly coupled with a sophisticated credit engine and custom price distribution technology.


We provide a user friendly back-office api which allows to automate the process of generating reports, opening new accounts, depositing funds and many more. User-friendly back-office which enables all our clients to manage the most important parameters of the system, access reports, account information in automatic way. The back-office api offers brokers with their own back office system to integrate closely with CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES systems. This allows brokers to maintain a simple setup.


For clients who are looking for fully integrated solutions we can provide our trading platform. Our clients can use full scope of platforms which can be connected to our liquidity trading. Whether you aim to service, algorithmic or chart traders, CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES can offer a platform that meet those requirements. We recommend our web-based trading platform, which is seamlessly integrated with our system, but in general we are technology agnostic, which means that our clients can use any type of platform.

Our Liquidity

Abundance Liquidity Pool

CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES has established relationships with global banks and institutional market makers that make up a unique private liquidity pool. We provide access to liquidity on various cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Dogecoin and others. Unlike other liquidity providers who provide only straight through execution to external banks or brokers, our system ensures fair and transparent execution for all market participants.


It is a known fact that foreign exchange trading volumes and volatility are positively correlated, cryptocurrency have shown high volatility in prices versus the United States Dollar. As a result, there is a huge interest among foreign exchange brokers to offer trading pairs – BTCUSD, ETHUSD, ETHUSD, DSHUSD to their clients. Currently we provide access to liquidity for 10 different cryptocurrencies.

Low Latency Execution

CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES has invested heavily in technology, connectivity and hardware to deliver consistent low latency execution. Primary liquidity providers connect to CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES trading system over direct cross connects. CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES supports an array of hosting solutions from cloud-based solutions to self-hosting. CANDENE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES recommends delivering solutions on cloud-based platform.

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